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Hello, my name is Patti Starr and I would like to welcome you to my website. I am a genuine, certified ghost hunter with over 40 years of experience. I have been blessed to have conducted ghost investigations in three different countries and 26 different states in the USA. My belief in ghosts is based on theory and conjecture that I have concluded through my research and my experiences. I realize that ghost hunting is not an exact science so therefore I do not have absolute proof that ghost exists. However, I have collected enough evidence to support the possibility of the existence of ghosts/spirits. I ask that you keep an open mind and enjoy your visit while having fun checking out my website.

I often tell people, “I've learned more about life from the dead than I have from the living.”


After 16 years the Ghost Hunter Shop closed in 2016. I would like to suggest you shop at the Akashic Awareness for similar items found at the Ghost Hunter Shop. 


Special Halloween Ghost Walk of Lexington on Halloween night. If you wish come in costume!!

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Gremlins and goblins and witches on brooms

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Ghosts and Witches and Creatures of Fright

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Certified Ghosthunter, Patti Star, investigates ghosts at Sloss Furnace, as featured on the program Airline on A&E. Psychic Medium, Chip Coffey, joins Patti and during their investigation blood mysteriously appears on Chip’s hand as he explains how an employee lost an arm while working at Sloss Furnace.

Patti was filmed doing a ghost investigation of the Thoroughbred in Midway, KY

Please take a few minutes to watch the video of Patti Starr's interview video for her appearance on "My Ghost Story" TV show. She explains about her experience with the ghosts at the Talbott Tavern including Jesse James.

Check out some of the photos taken on ghost tours and ghost investigations.