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Here are a few testimonials from students who took the ghost hunting courses taught by Patti Starr at the Bluegrass Technical and Community College:

"Thanks to Patti's methods, my wife and I discovered amazing phenomena beyond our rational explanation.  In even our first investigations we received remarkable mist and orb photographs, witnessed electrical phenomena, and recorded nearly a dozen EVPs.  These discoveries have given a sense of confirmation to what our faith always knew.  Our journey into "ghost hunting" has increased our appreciation and awareness of history, science, and religion as well as the 'paranormal'." -  Eric Duckworth, West Point Alumni 


"This 'classy' southern lady teaches about ghosts and spirits with knowledge, poise, enthusiasm and belief. Her knowledge of the spirit world reaches out and engages you in such a way that you just know you’ll never be the same again. By profession I am a high school teacher, but I am also a Para-midwife, and an Emergency Medical Technician that sees life come and go everyday. As one of Patti’s students, she has shown me new parameters of my connection to the spirit world. I now realize that this coming and going of life could hold elements of hope and enlightenment." - Paula S. Lewis


"Patti Star's ghost investigation techniques are top notch!  Patti's book offers a wealth of information and guidance to help the amateur and experienced ghost hunters. After implementing Patti’s techniques our ghost-hunting group was able to gain the reputation that's kept business knocking on our door. Thanks Patti." - Carrie Galloway

"After I took Patti's Introduction to Ghost Hunting class, my husband and I decided to try dowsing. On our first trip out to a small graveyard I was amazed to find my dowsing rods moving on their own.  It never failed to identify a grave every time I passed over one.  It was so cool and exciting, it really helped me become a believer in dowsing."  - Sonja J. Hatton


Here is a testimonial from a participant of one of Patti Starr’s many Seminars in 2002:

"After one seminar with Patti, my family decided to try our luck at dowsing.  Imagine our surprise when on our very first try we got orbs in about 40% of our photos and captured 3 EVPs on microcassette!  After years of interest, we are now in the process of becoming certified ghost hunters after having such a positive experience.  Thank you Patti!"  - Starr Chaney


Here are testimonials from media personality that have witnessed Starr’s investigation first hand before reporting on them:

"When I first met Patti I was very skeptical about paranormal activity.  However, after conducting many radio interviews and ghost investigations with Patti there is no doubt in my mind that we are not alone.  Patti is very devoted to learning more about ghosts and helping others to understand why they are with us.  She always backs up her findings with solid evidence and has even taught me how to be a successful ghost hunter." - Misty Monroe, Morning Show DJ on 100.9 FM-Lebanon


"If enthusiasm was contagious, everyone would believe in ghosts after spending only a short time with Certified Ghost Hunter Patti Starr. I had the opportunity to meet Patti in October 1998 when I was working on a series of ghost stories about Nelson County, Ky. Patti, a former manager of The Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, was eager to share not only her experiences at the Tavern, but talked with me about her beliefs and experiences throughout her life. Since then, I have had the opportunity to take part in several ghosts hunts with Patti. She approaches each one with ardor and professionalism. She is a highly-skilled ghost hunter who believes deeply in her work."
- Stacey Manning, writer for Kentucky Standard Newspaper